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Hello I’m Siddharth Vanchinathan and I do viable design

I now work at propelland. We help companies create better products and services. Ask me about it!

When I am creating something, I like to think about how people will use it, how it gets made and most importantly why people will want it. I like to observe people, understand their behaviors and their motivations.

I am a Designer, technologist and entrepreneur and never want to stop learning. I have a bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering, and a master’s in Industrial Design. I have learnt entrepreneurship the hard way and I’m looking to keep reinventing myself.

This is how I like to work

I think analytically and creatively. I use my creative and analytical side to solve problems. I am as adept at visualizing complex information as I am with constructing complex excel sheets.

Analytical and Creative

I dream about the future. Using a combination of patterns of the past and trends of the present to cast a vision of what the future of something could look like. And then chart out how to get there.

How will a future that contains autonomous vehicles actually translate into opportunities for starbucks?

Dream about the future

I like to do things over. The first version is never the best. It’s from the second version that true magic happens. Failing is the best way to learn.

Left: The first version brought to life the idea of a wall of content, but became too cluttered and difficult to navigate. Right: The next version alleviated this problem adding more engaging features to make the service more than just a visual wikipedia.

Do things over

I make things happen. It’s not just about having great ideas, it’s about making them happen. I have the skills and the will to make a good product.

A record player designed for the iPod generation. Engineered from the remains of an old record player and made to work in an enclosure 20% of the original size.

Making things happen

I am a team player. Bringing a team into play mode is key for it to create groundbreaking work. I moderate, facilitate and lead where required to create a good team.

Team Player

And last but not least, I am naive - This allows me to look at old problems with a fresh pair of eyes and come up with viable solutions that might have been ignored.

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Siddharth Vanchinathan is a multidisciplinary designer. If you like what you see, here are a few ways to get in touch with him.